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Colloidal Silver Safety Documented

Colloidal silver is sold in just about every health food store in America and parts of Europe as well as by tens of thousands of online vendors worldwide.

Tens of millions of people use it annually. And its safety profile is considered to be similar to any other nutritional supplement. If used as directed, as a mineral supplement, it’s generally considered safe. In fact, it has GRAS status with the FDA, meaning it’s considered to be “Generally Recognized as Safe.”

What’s more, throughout Europe preparations of silver (generally in the form of colloidal silver) are used worldwide as a water disinfectant, to help prevent microbial contamination.

Quality comparison

Before you order Gold or Silver you should be informed about the quality you purchase

The tables below show a direct comparison between Colloidal and Ionic


Professionally produced colloidsAttempt to self-produce
Pure Colloidal SilverIonic Silver
Own production is not possibleOwn manufacturing very easy
Professional production: Very difficultProduction: Silver – simple, inexpensive
Producing real nano-particlesProducing Ionic Silver
Worldwide, there are two methods: HVAC – Plasma (AC 10000-20000 volt Hochsp.)
 or LASER – removal methodMethod: electrolysis using 220V-transformer 
DC batteries or 9 to 40 volts


Professionally produced colloidsAttempt to self-produce
Pure Colloidal GoldBy means of electrolysis ie direct current can 
you make no colloidal gold / gold ion
Own production is not possibleOwn production of gold ions is not possible.
Professional production: Very difficultOwn production is not possible.
Producing real nano-particlesProduction is not possible.
Worldwide, there are two methods: 
HVAC – Plasma (alternating between 10 000 and 20 000 volt high voltage) 
or laser – removal methodBy means of electrolysis say DC 
or batteries, there is no 
Production possibility
Producing real nano – particlesNo production possibility, not even 
1 ppm gold ions what they manufacturer 
 promise of silver generators

Who is selling these products and how much do they cost:

Professionally produced colloidsAttempt to self-produced
USA: Meso-Gold (HVAC)
1 liter between € 80 - € 100, -

EUROPE: Particular GmbH
1 liter between € 400 - € 700

1 liter between € 65 - € 80
In order to manufacture so-called self-Generators usually only one transformer and 2 silver bars offered,
Price between € 45 - € 500.
Or finished Silver Ions in glass bottles
Price 1 liter € 15 - € 120
Internet providers are pharmacies and several companies (all claiming it was Colloidal Silver or even Gold).

The effect on humans and animals


Colloidal SilverIonic Silver
Colloidal silver has anti-viral and anti-bacterial 
even with multiresistant MRSA – bacteria.Silver ion is anti-viral and anti-bacterial 
but only on the outside, when ingested it is already formed in the mouth to silver chloride.
Application: Internally and externally!Application: only externally!
”Colloidal silver as a medicine” 
In diseases such as e.g.: 
Respiratory tract, skin, urogenital tract, 
or of the digestive tract.Internally converted ion silver to silver chloride and is therefore ineffective - Caution agyria!
Ionic Silver is very good for hygiene cleaning of all surfaces, eg suitable for hospitals
and doctors' offices, for household use
such as kitchen and bathroom.
Colloidal silver is not toxic and can 
not accumulate in the body.Ionic Silver can vary by amount of income
accumulate in the body (agyria).
Pure Colloidal Silver has a yellowish 
Color,> depending on mg <.Ionic Silver is colorless.
Pure Colloidal silver is tasteless.Ionic Silver tastes very bitter – metallic.
Pure Colloidal Silver is stored in plastic bottles, PET or PT. Ionic Silver must be protected of light and storedin glass bottles.


Colloidal GoldGold ion Unspecified
Application: Internally and externally.
Good for the nervous system
Good for internal energy & Self-Healing
Good for brainwaves, IQ
Good for Internal inflammation, such as joint pain.
Colloidal Gold is non-toxic and can be 
not accumulate in the body.
Pure Colloidal Gold is tasteless.
Pure Colloidal Gold is stored in 
plastic bottle, PET or PT.

Source: “Kolloidales Silber als Medizin” Werner Kühni – Walter von Holst

For legal reasons we can neither written nor oral statements 
make to the numerous application areas of the
Colloidal Gold or Silver Colloids and to its applications. 
Therefore, we must ask, the literature on Colloidal gold or 
to take Colloidal Silver for help.

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